Therapeutic Massage: Scientifically Proven to Reduce Pain

By Kim Motisi, LMT, NMT 05/04/2015 Research conducted by researchers from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging at McMaster University in Ontario shows that massage aids in the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle, and helps to reduce inflammation. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that massage triggers the release […]

5 Ways Massage Can Improve Your Mental Health

By Melissa Farrell, LCSW and Kim Motisi, LMT, NMT 01/18/2015   Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. Massage therapy has a long history of use in cultures around the world and dates back thousands of years. Today, people […]

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